K-12 Education


Location Springfield , TN

Owner Hewlett Spencer, LLC. & Robertson County Board of Education

Architect Kaatz, Binkley Jones & Morris Architects, Inc.

Building Size 325,000 square feet total; 175,000 square feet addition; 150,000 square feet renovation

The project was completed in multiple phases based on the needs of the faculty and students to ensure that there was no disruption of instructional time during the completion of this project.

The multiple phased construction project included total renovation of the existing high school plus a new 2-story addition. The project included 19 classrooms, science labs, computer labs, teacher work areas, a cosmetology lab, a choir room, new gymnasium and locker rooms, and a 500-seat auditorium complete with full stage.

BELL served as the Construction Manager at Risk for the new Springfield High School providing complete Preconstruction and Construction Phase services.