BELL Family - Nashville Tennessee Construction Company
When We Say "We're Family," We Mean It!

Jul 22, 2020

Darryl Walker and Pamela Boyd-Walker moved from Michigan to Nashville three years ago. Darryl, who has operated his own pressure washing business for the past 15 years, also took on more regular work as a security officer in one of Music City’s biggest industries — entertainment. Pam worked a few temp jobs before finding her professional home in January 2019 when she became BELL’s front desk administrator. Life was good!

Pam and other members of the BELL Family pause for a picture during a philanthropy event.

Enter COVID-19. When the coronavirus pandemic reared its ugly head in the United States, Darryl (like so many others in our Nashville community) was furloughed, and the Walkers were faced with looming uncertainty. Though Darryl had his pressure washing business as an alternate source of income, it just was not as reliable as they would have liked. Days, then weeks, passed. The virus was still spreading instead of dissipating like many had hoped. And the “normal” that people thought we would be “getting back to” was still so far out of reach.

Fortunately, because construction was deemed an essential business, Pam was able to continue her employment, earn income, and keep her family’s health insurance through BELL. Anyone who knew of their situation checked in on Pam but hoped they could do more to help.

You see, at BELL, we don’t really have “employees.” It is actually more typical to hear the people on the payroll more affectionately called “BELL Family” members. You hear that at a lot of companies, but when we say it, we mean it! And as most people would agree: When your family needs you, you do what you can to help them out.

Pam & Darryl volunteer with other members of the BELL Family at the "Light the Night" event.

“Pam loves BELL,” Darryl said. “Everyone there is so generous and really cares about each other.”

These sentiments were even further illustrated when BELL was able to bring Darryl on as a skilled laborer shortly after he was furloughed. He has now been with the company for over two months, working in various capacities, like operating machines, performing job clean-up duties, and patching cement. But his favorite part of the job is not what he gets to do... It's the people he works with. (And, no, he isn’t just trying to butter up his wife!)

“I’ve never heard one argument here like I have in a lot of other jobs,” said Darryl. “Everyone gets along with one another.”

“They never make you feel like they don’t need you. There’s no jealousy. If someone has a few minutes, they’ll give you some extra on-the-job training. They’ll show you how to run an operation you haven’t done yet because they want you to succeed. Everyone here is always learning something from someone else.”

It is pretty safe to say, 2020 has not gone the way most of us expected. And it does not look like we will be returning to “normal” anytime soon. But, as many of our neighbors know firsthand, you do what you have to in order to survive. You adapt and overcome to provide for yourself and your family.

So, instead of ensuring people’s safety at a concert in downtown Nashville this summer, Darryl is wearing a hard hat, safety glasses, and a mask while installing pipes on a construction site in the hot sun. But rather than being upset about the current situation, Darryl has embraced it wholeheartedly and continually gives his all to his job.

“My dad always told me: Whatever job you have — appreciate it.”

This advice rings truer today than ever before. While so many people have lost their jobs, their companies, and their livelihood, Darryl and Pam both feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the BELL Family.

This month, we are proud to have a joint employee spotlight on Pam and Darryl! Pam has helped keep the company running smoothly over the past 18 months with us. Her bright smile and warm personality are the best greeting for anyone who enters the BELL office. She takes pride in everything from ordering office supplies to assisting with new hires to helping with large marketing projects. As you can see in her profile piece, she compliments Darryl on being a hard worker. But as the saying goes: It takes one to know one!

Thank you, Pam and Darryl, for being an integral part of the BELL Family! We appreciate you!