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Pedestrian Bridge Donation Celebrated With Special Groundbreaking Ceremony

Jul 9, 2020

BELL & Associates Construction is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. In our company's history, we've never experienced something quite like the coronavirus pandemic. One thing that has helped many of our neighbors through these tough times has been their ability to get outside their homes and utilize the local parks in their communities. We know that Shelby Park has been the saving grace in that manner for so many people in Nashville. 

After being selected by Metro to rebuild the Davidson Street and Shelby Park Drive vehicular bridges within the park, we met with Rebecca Ratz, executive director of Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms. During a tour of the park, she explained to BELL project manager, Nathan Quinn, that the park would be fundraising to cover expenses for an additional trail section that would help fulfill part of the 108-year-old park's master plan. This trail would complete the one-mile loop that would allow walkers/bikers to remain safely separated from vehicular traffic. One major component required to finish the loop was a pedestrian bridge crossing the stream at the north end of Lake Sevier. We quickly decided we would donate the construction of this pedestrian bridge while on site – at no cost to the organization.

On July 8, we celebrated the commencement of the construction of the pedestrian bridge with a special groundbreaking ceremony attended by Metro Nashville & Davidson County Mayor John Cooper and other special guests. We are proud to contribute to the communities where we live, work and play, and we are especially excited that this donation will help keep visitors safe in one of our community’s most beloved parks.

Pedestrian Bridge Donation Celebrated

Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge Celebrated

Groundbreaking Ceremony


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