Lena Horton BELL Construction Project Manager
Calling the Shots - Women Excel in Construction Leadership Roles

Mar 15, 2021

We are proud to have our own Lena Horton, Assistant Project Manager, featured in the Construction Executive magazine's piece "Calling the Shots - Women Excel in Construction Leadership Roles" highlighting several women in construction across the nation.

"I have always been interested in engineering and knew I wanted to build, but it wasn’t until finding the construction management program at Middle Tennessee State University that I realized I could make it a career.

While at MTSU, the director of the School of Construction Management was a woman named Heather Brown. She showed us women students that it is possible to be respected and rise to the top in this industry. We knew we could see a future for ourselves just by being in her presence.

Early on, I had to stand up to someone who could make or break my career. Showing that I was not going to back down or accept less than I deserve allowed me to earn respect in the end. This first experience made it easier to have similar conversations in future instances, and for that I am thankful.

Women looking to make a career switch should know that you will not regret it. There are many different jobs within the construction industry. If you are interested in one, try it, and if it doesn’t seem like the right fit, then try something else. In my experience, the women who find their home in construction never look back.

I love that this industry keeps us on our toes. There is always a challenge and every job is different. I also love the comradery with my colleagues. The work remains enjoyable, even in tough situations. 

I would describe women in construction as the “tough-as-nails” type of women. You have to have thick skin and be willing to help when it is needed, regardless of the job. Construction isn’t glamorous, but if you don’t mind getting dirty from time-to-time, it is really fun to be a female in this industry. Muddy boots and dust-covered clothing is the norm!"

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