BELL Construction - I-24 Bridge over Germantown Road in Chattanooga
BELL Transportation Team completes I-24 E bridge 11 hours early

Apr 19, 2021

BELL Construction is proud to announce that our Transportation Team has completed the I-24 East bridge replacement over Germantown Road in Chattanooga... and they did it 11 hours ahead of schedule!    



This past weekend, members of the Chattanooga community got to experience the impressive Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) construction delivery method firsthand. The ABC technique allows for minimal disruption to traffic because work can be completed over a shorter period of time rather than over the course of several months or years. 

In the case of this project, we used short-term, total road closures to give our crews plenty of space to safely work around the clock to complete all required activities to remove the old bridge and put the new bridge in place over just one weekend for the eastbound portion of 1-24 over Germantown Road. 



Starting around 6 p.m. on Friday, April 16, the BELL Construction Transportation Team began rerouting nearby traffic on parts of Germantown Road. Around 9 p.m. that evening, they rerouted two lanes of interstate traffic in both directions on I-24. This video from TDOT explains the road closures and detours.



With vehicles safely out of the area, our trade partner, United Demolition, was able to start the demolition of the I-24 eastbound bridge. Our team then worked to set all precast pieces into place and seamed the connections with fast-setting concrete.



The goal was to complete the bridge replacement prior to Monday morning's rush-hour traffic. However, BELL's crews and our trade partners worked safely, yet efficiently, and were able to route traffic back onto the interstate approximately 11 hours ahead of our initial deadline. What an incredible accomplishment!

Special thanks to all of our trade partners, including BARGE Design, Gibco Construction, and United Demolition, among many others! And thank you to the community in Chattanooga for your patience as we complete this project to help TDOT create safer roadways in Tennessee. 



The next portion of this project is the demolition and replacement of the westbound portion of I-24 over Germantown Road. The I-24 West bridge is scheduled to be replaced next weekend, weather permitting. Learn more about the full Hamilton County I-24 Bridge Replacement Chattanooga project, including road closure and detour information, on the TDOT website.

Our team also completed the replacement of the Belvoir Avenue Bridge over I-24 as part of this overall project. The Belvoir Avenue bridge was reopened March 21, 2021. 


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