Bell and Associates is a full-service construction firm, providing comprehensive services:

Bell & Associates is known for consistently delivering the highest level of service in the industry. By providing comprehensive construction services for every client, our objective is to complete the project in a manner that the client will call us when it is time to do their next project. From concept to completion, the Bell team is committed to the team and the project. 

Preconstruction Services

In this critical phase, Bell’s experienced team provides comprehensive Preconstruction Services that include cost estimating, scope coordination, value analysis (engineering), scheduling, sustainable materials and methods analysis, constructability reviews, and trade contractor procurement. Our preconstruction team includes a Project Executive in Bell who has full authority to act on our behalf, the project’s Project Manager and Superintendent, along with our estimating department.  This team serves as a partner with the owner and the designer from the project’s initial concept through construction, providing a seamless transition from one phase to the next.  Our goal is to have relationships that transition not only through one project, but the kind of relationships that transition into the next opportunity to work with our clients. 

Traditional Methods

Strong leadership and timely delivery characterize Bell’s approach to providing design-bid-build construction services. We take responsibility to implement construction contracts, manage subcontractor and supplier activities, and self-perform selected work. On-time and on-budget are strategic objectives applied to every Bell project. 

Construction Manager at Risk with Guaranteed Maximum Price
Construction Manager at Risk is a process that allows the client of a project to choose the Bell team to serve as construction manager and general contractor early in the design phase. Involving our team during the design phase, our team provides preconstruction services to the client and design team to assure the project scope matches the established budget, that the level of quality is maintained, and that the project will be completed on-time.
During the design phase our team evaluates alternate materials, systems, and equipment for cost, quality and availability. Constructability reviews are then performed as well as identification of value analysis (engineering) suggestions. Working as a team fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on finding the best solutions for the client’s construction project. To assure the client gets the best value for their budget we coordinate all subcontractor bids and determine a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for construction.  Once the GMP is established the Bell team serves as the general contractor providing construction services. 
In just the last five years, over 90% of our building projects were completed using the Construction Manager at Risk process, all of which have been completed on-time and on budget.

A process very similar to Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), but instead of the client contracting with the architect and contractor separately, a single contract is held between the client and contractor, providing the client a single point of responsibility for both design and construction.  The contractor enters into a design contract with an architect who specializes in the building type the client is wishing to construct. We then work as a team, client/architect/contractor, to design and construct the project to meet the project’s specific goals, budget constraints and demands.

Project Close Out
A critical phase of the project to assure its long term operation is project close out.  The Bell team provides the client comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals which include detailed information on the major systems used in the building, points of contact, warranty information, recommended maintenance procedures, and as-built drawings and specifications that accurately reflect any changes from the building’s original design.  We spend the time required to train the client’s operations and maintenance staff on the proper operation and maintenance of the building mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems.
Additionally, prior to the expiration of the warranty period our team, along with our major subcontractors, will inspect the building and its systems to identify any defective equipment, etc. looking for any issues that may need to be addressed. If such issues are identified, we work with the appropriate manufacturer to immediately address them, replace faulty parts etc., while the equipment is still under warranty.
Specialty Services

Bell employs a number of LEED-accredited professionals who are knowledgeable in sustainable construction. We provide assistance by providing oversight in all phases of project development and green construction.

Our service capabilities also include involvement in proto-type design and construction projects, and continuous build programs based on standardization and adapt-build models.

Building Information Modeling

As one of the most innovative and forward-thinking contracting firms in the southeast, Bell & Associates has utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) on numerous projects including the 1.2 million square foot Music City Center and the $30 million Rhea County High School.

Because of our BIM expertise, we are able to provide our customers with numerous benefits. By using BIM on the aforementioned projects, we were able to:

·   Reduce the overall duration of the project

·   The ability to detect and correct conflicts within the design documents prior to the start of construction (clash detection)

·   Utilize the BIM model to attain quantity take-offs for estimating purposes

·   Achieve greater coordination among the major trades

·   Utilize the BIM model to fabricate and schedule mechanical, plumbing and structural systems

·   Incur fewer in-the-field delays

·   Incur fewer change orders

·   Achieve increased quality

·   Analyze and implement complex systems