Wolf Creek Bridge US25/70

Del Rio, Tennessee
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Tennessee Department of Transportation
The Wolf Creek Bridge over the French Broad River and Norfolk Southern Railroad in Cocke County, Tennessee, is a five span, reinforced concrete spandrel arch bridge. The bridge was designed by the State of Tennessee in 1925 and constructed in 1926. The bridge is 629.5 foot long and consists of five arched spans.  Its historical significance, scenic setting and strong aesthetic appeal merited TDOT’s decision to invest nearly $9 million in an extensive renovation of the bridge.  
The bridge is a vital link to several small communities between Tennessee and North Carolina.   A primary challenge was the construction and maintenance of a haul road to provide access for equipment and personnel and to facilitate demolition operations and the containment of debris.  
Bell utilized an Accelerated Bridge Construction technique on this project by implementing the use precast concrete. The spandrel bents, fascia beams and bridge deck were all constructed at an offsite location prior to the completion of the demolition. This significantly reduced the schedule for the reconstruction while maintaining the architectural appeal. In typical Bell fashion, we completed this project ahead of schedule and collected the incentive for the early completion.  This project will preserve a landmark bridge that spans the French Broad River and uniquely enhances its beautiful natural setting in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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