Bell & Associates is a leader in the delivery of transportation projects. Since 1990, Bell & Associates has constructed over 200 bridges. From interchanges and bypasses to roadways and bridges, the Bell & Associates team brings experience in all aspects of the project delivery process for transportation projects.

Gateway Boulevard Bridge

Complementing the historical pedestrian-only Shelby Street Bridge is the Gateway Boulevard Bridge just down river. The bridge is a thru-arch masterpiece that is a signature to the City. The most impressive aspect to the crossing is the 545-foot Edison Gray colored single span steel arch that rises 90 feet above the roadway. Overall width of the bridge is 101 feet, which features a Pantene Red base.

White Bridge/Robertson Road Interchange

Completed in August of 2011, the $32 million Phase II of the Robertson Road project in West Nashville, which consisted of the construction of a welded steel plate girder bridge, a concrete I-beam bridge, a concrete bulb-tee beam bridge, five retaining walls, and seven noise walls along Interstate 40 in West Nashville. Also included was the complete removal and replacement of the Robertson Road bridge over I-40 while maintaining traffic flow on the roadway. The project also included the widening of I-40 to allow for new on and off ramps.

Foothills Parkway Bridge - Number 2

The Foothills Parkway project – Bridge No. 2 is the last major bridge needed to complete the 1.6-mile “missing link” for the Foothills Parkway. It is located in a scenic, environmentally sensitive area with limited access near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. To preserve the environmentally sensitive mountainous terrain, a scheme using “top-down construction” was developed with the precast segments erected in balanced cantilever.