Safety is at the top of the priority list for Bell & Associates Construction. Each year Bell brings together all field supervisors and managers for an annual Safety Meeting. Hosted by President Keith Pyle, Human Relations Manager Peggy Harris and Lee Fortier of Fortier Loss Control, the full-day meeting focuses on teaching and reiterating best practices to those who lead Bell’s more than 300 field employees.

“Our supervisors are responsible for the largest majority of our Bell staff, and we feel that it is important to come together and share the best practices,” said Keith Pyle.

Bell employs 40 supervisors, and this year alone, the field saw a tremendous drop in job-site accidents. From 2006 to 2008, Bell saw a 141% drop in job-site accidents, and as of May of 2009 there had been a 493% drop in accidents from the first year of the plan. Pyle attributes this greatly to the outstanding work of the field supervisors, as they are the direct link to the field.

The new safety plan is an addition to the industry standard plan, and was formed after a trend of “new employee” accidents, or those who have been on site for less than six months, were on the rise. Bell quickly reacted to the issue that those who were new to construction, were making careless mistakes.

Bell restructured its safety awareness program by implementing a new hire orientation, an incentive program for all employees that measures the effectiveness of our mentor/red hard hat program.

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