Project Spotlight: Rhea County High School

Last month, Bell & Associates celebrated the grand opening of the state-of-the-art Rhea County High School in Evensville, T.N. Many state and local government officials were on hand to celebrate the good work done by the construction team and the successful completion of the project.  


With construction of the state-of-the-art Rhea County High School in Evensville, TN complete, it’s only fitting to recognize the relationship that helped make this project possible.

Celebrating the completion of Rhea County High School

Last month, Bell & Associates celebrated the grand opening of Rhea County High School in Evensville, TN. The project included both pre-construction and construction services for the new 230,526 sf multi-building campus designed to accommodate 2,000 students plus instructors and supporting staff. The two-story facility is comprised of a structural steel frame with non-load bearing concrete masonry unit walls and a brick façade and includes general and specialty classrooms, science laboratories, library, faculty and administration offices, and a 2-story common area with skylights allowing natural light to flood the area.                                           

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the relationship between Bell & Associates and project owner Hewlett Spencer was celebrated just as much as the building itself. Rhea County School System Superintendent Jerry Levengood said the following about the relationship:


“The cooperation between Bell & Associates Construction, Hewlett Spencer, and the Rhea County School System was flawless and very rare in our world today. We saw Bell & Associates and Hewlett Spencer work together as one to make sound financial decisions and give the Rhea County School system the best possible result as we build a new high school. We worked so close together and so well together that I considered them not only as partners in this building project, but as friends.”

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of architects, engineers, and project managers. Few are as innovative in their process, steadfast in their work, and dedicated to integrity as Hewlett Spencer, LLC.

What sets Hewlett Spencer apart?

In addition to their commitment to quality service, Hewlett Spencer has developed a unique process that sets them apart from any other project manager in the area of educational construction.

By offering an approach that delivers a guaranteed maximum price, along with their proprietary SmartBid process, Hewlett Spencer is able to fulfill their mission of working with school boards to manage the construction process of high-quality schools for the best possible price.

As the only company in Tennessee using this unique process, Hewlett Spencer has developed a reputation for delivering guaranteed value to the school boards they work alongside. Their hands-on approach and attention to detail eliminate the risk of cost overruns and delays for government officials and taxpayers. All of this work has resulted in over $24 million in cost savings for the approximately 40 major project owners who’ve utilized Hewlett Spencer’s services.

 A look back over the past 12 years…

Bell’s relationship with Hewlett Spencer officially commenced in 2001 when Bell was selected as the general contractor for the construction of Brown Elementary School in Crossville, TN. Since then, Bell and Hewlett Spencer have worked together on over ten projects across the state, most notably Springfield High School, White House Heritage High School and the aforementioned Rhea County High School

When asked about Bell’s history with Hewlett Spencer, President Keith Pyle stated, “Our relationship with Hewlett Spencer has been one of the most gratifying aspects during my entire tenure at Bell. Working alongside their team on numerous projects throughout the years has shown their relentless dedication to honest, cost effective construction along with their proven process in the marketplace.”

Jamie Spencer, Owner and Partner of Hewlett Spencer, echoed the benefits of the relationship saying, “When Hewlett Spencer signs a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract with a school system for a 30+ million dollar construction project, we have to know who we’re in bed with.  That's why we use Bell, we know what we're getting with these guys...a competent, quality and proven General Contractor who knows how to treat our customers.  It's a team deal with our delivery process and as a Contractor you either get it and perform, or you don't.  I'm proud to say that Bell does both."


To learn more about Hewlett Spencer’s process and read testimonials of their clients, you can visit their website here

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