Bell Celebrates Opening of 28th / 31st Avenue Connector

Bell & Associates celebrated another milestone today as they led the walk, along with Mayor Karl Dean, during the inaugural bridge crossing to celebrate the official opening of the 28th / 31st Avenue Connector Project on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Started in May of 2012, BELL & Associates lead construction the 28th Ave. & 31st Ave. Connector over the CSX Railroad. This $5.9 Million project will finally allow transportation to flow between West End Avenue and Charlotte Pike near Nashville's historic Centennial Park. The 28th/31st Avenue Connector project is expected to have significant impact on commercial development and transportation of all types. Constructed as a "Complete Street," the Connector will accommodate alternatives to car trips including new transit service, separate bike paths and wide sidewalks. The multimodal boulevard will include a public art component, and will run from Park Plaza to the south side of the Nashville and Western Railroad tracks.

“Bell & Associates was honored to work on such a historic project,” said Keith Pyle, President of Bell & Associates Construction. “We’re proud of the work that our team and everyone else involved put into completing this Connector.”

“The 28th Avenue Connector is an important new road for our city,” Nashville Mayor Karl Dean said. “The bridge reconnects two vital parts of Nashville, which will accelerate economic activity around that area. I am proud that the Connector is pedestrian and bike friendly, includes bus stops and incorporates public art into its design. I appreciate the work of Bell & Associates, which has been a terrific partner on this project and several other projects important to the city. Commuters, college students, visitors and residents will quickly appreciate the convenience of this new road.”

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