On Friday, November 2, leaders from Bell Construction & Associates stood alongside Governor Bill Haslam and TDOT Commissioner John Schroer to celebrate the grand opening of State Route 840. The grand opening event was held on the newly completed section of SR 840 near the Carter’s Creek Pike interchange in Williamson County. SR 840 connects Wilson, Rutherford, Williamson, Hickman, and Dickson counties and provides access to Interstate 40 both east and west of Nashville, Interstate 65, and Interstate 24.

“Bell & Associates was honored to work on such a historic project,” said Keith Pyle, President of Bell & Associates Construction. “We’re proud of the work that our team and everyone else involved put into completing State Route 840.”

“This project will benefit citizens across Tennessee and the entire region by providing better access to dozens of communities and three interstates,” Haslam said. “This major improvement to our infrastructure will aid in our economic development efforts and will continue to make Tennessee an attractive location for business.”

The planning and construction of the scenic 78-mile route has been an active TDOT project for over 26 years. The 1986 Road Program proposed by Gov. Lamar Alexander included SR 840 as one of the projects, but construction stalled several times. In April of 2011, Gov. Bill Haslam and Commissioner John Schroer included the last section of SR 840 in their 2011-2012 state transportation budget and the final phases of construction began.

Bell & Associates led all construction during the final phase of construction, which included grading, drainage, and construction of bridges and retaining walls. For Bell & Associates, this marks the second major transportation project that has been completed in the past few months, which also celebrated the grand opening of the 28th Ave / 31st Ave. Connector in Nashville, TN.

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