Bell’s Commitment to safety is making a difference

Since 2005, the senior management team at Bell & Associates has worked to make safety a top priority in the company’s overall strategic plan. Through their commitment, our company has seen a decrease in the total number of recordable cases, the OSHA recordable incident rate, and the lost time frequency rate year after year.

Numbers show the difference

Because of the perseverance of our safety committee and the active participation of our employees, we can be proud of the numbers from our mid-year safety report:

• Number of Recordable Cases — 0

• Lost time frequency rate — 0

• MOD rate — 0.65 (National Average is 1.0)

Our safety impacts your bottom line

While these numbers alone speak to the impact our commitment to safety has made, the same goal that helped us reach them also helped us to achieve:

84% Reduction in WC cost per man-hour from 2008 to 2012

40% Reduction in Deductible

47% Reduction in Annual Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage

Our commitment to safety has resulted in lower insurance rates for our company. Ultimately, these rates translate into lower project costs for our project owners along with the peace of mind that the risk of someone getting injured on the job site is minuscule, knowing that safety is our most important task on your job site.

Bell builds a culture of safety

Our record-low safety numbers and the impact it has on the total cost of our projects would not have been possible without a commitment from everyone to make safety part of the culture at Bell.

Our proactive culture of safety is based on the philosophy that everyone is responsible for safety and should pursue it in all construction activities. Our comprehensive safety program teaches employees to take action to protect themselves and others, correct potentially unsafe behaviors, and adopt a mindset of proactively choosing to follow safety rules. The program includes a full range of ongoing initiatives, including training for new employees, daily safety inspections, weekly safety meetings, bi-monthly safety director visits, and regular safety consultant visits. In addition, all job site personnel are empowered—and required—to proactively address any potential hazards.

Finally, our safety committee, who manages and evaluates Bell’s safety report is the backbone of our efforts and deserved to be recognized. This year’s committee includes Peggy Harris, Mike Jenkins, Fred Clayton, Brian Choate, Danny Goff, Michael Bouldin, Eric Pyle, Aaron Denton, and Jeff Walker.                                                                    

Because of the commitment we made in 2005 and the dedication of employees like these, we are confident that Bell’s safety record will continue to improve year after year.  

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