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Founded in 1970 by the Late Ray Bell, Ray Bell Construction was the groundwork for what would eventually become one of the premier general contracting firms in the southeast. With more than 45 years of construction expertise and leadership, Bell & Associates Construction, L.P. was formed by Bell principals in 1997 to serve as the next generation and future of a firm that has been, and is still known for its building expertise and tradition.

While leading over 800 constructions projects across the southeast has made Bell & Associates renowned firm, it is our landmark projects across the city of Nashville that have created our greatest recognition. We served as the CM/GC on the BellSouth Building, an icon popularly known as the Batman building; the Tennessee Performing Arts Center; and the Gateway Boulevard Bridge and the Shelby Pedestrian bridges, and most recently the historic Music City Center. The Nashville skyline looks significantly different than it did in 1970, in large part to the work and dedication of countless Bell & Associates team members.

Owned by a partnership of long-term Bell Construction principals, Bell & Associates continues the outstanding Bell tradition of excellence and dependability.

Keith Pyle
President & Partner
Darek Bell
Vice President & Partner
Steve Hoover
Transportation Vice President & Partner
Jeremy Mitchell
Senior Project Manager & Partner
John Thayer
Senior Project Manager & Partner
John-david Goolesby
Building Division Manager & Partner
Kevin Keller
Senior Project Manager & Partner
Eric Pyle
Senior Project Manager & Partner
Tyler Powell
Project Manager & Partner
Scott McKinney
Project Manager & Partner


Since 2005, the senior management team at Bell & Associates has worked to make safety a top priority in the company’s overall strategic plan. Through their commitment, our company has seen a decrease in the total number of recordable cases, the OSHA recordable incident rate, and the lost time frequency rate year after year.

A culture of safety…

Our proactive culture of safety is based on the philosophy that everyone is responsible for safety and should pursue it in all construction activities. Our comprehensive safety program teaches employees to take action to protect themselves and others, correct potentially unsafe behaviors, and adopt a mindset of proactively choosing to follow safety rules. The program includes a full range of ongoing initiatives, including training for new employees, daily safety inspections, weekly safety meetings, bi-monthly safety director visits, and regular safety consultant visits. In addition, all job site personnel are empowered—and required—to proactively address any potential hazards.

Safety benefits everyone…

Thanks to Bell & Associates focus on safety, our lower insurance rates translate into lower project costs for you along with the peace of mind knowing that safety is our most important task on your job site.


Bell & Associates is committed to protecting the environment throughout the entire construction process. This commitment is fulfilled by incorporating sustainable principles and environmentally responsible practices into the company’s administrative and construction operations on every project.


LEED Certified

Bell & Associates’ commitment to sustainability has given us a strong reputation as a leader in the growth of sustainable design and LEED construction. We strive to work alongside our owners and subcontractors to embody a philosophy of comprehensive understanding, strict enforcement, and an awareness of how every day construction tasks affect LEED performance.

Over the years, Bell & Associates has served as the general contractor on number sustainable projects. Most recently, Bell & Associates has provided leadership in the development of sustainable construction through its involvement with the Music City Center, the largest green building project in Nashville’s history.

A Sample of our LEED Projects:
› First Tennessee Ballpark - LEED Silver

› One Greenway Centre - LEED Gold

› Metro Detention Facility - LEED Silver

› Music City Center - LEED Gold


Bell & Associates Construction currently has eight LEED professionals on staff:
1. Darek Bell, LEED A.P.
2. Allan Cox, RA, LEED A.P.
3. John Thayer, LEED A.P.
4. Tyler Powell, LEED A.P.
5. Kevin Keller, LEED A.P.
6. Jim Platt, LEED A.P.
7. Eric Pyle, LEED A.P.
8. Kayla Potter, LEED A.P.